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Fine anastatic reproductions of the original brochures of the 500:
all the feeling of the period documents, without the cost of buying the genuine ones.

Our reproductions are perfect copies, made in the same size, on the same kind and weight of paper as the original ones,
with the same printing method

Fiat 500 F

printing Fiat n. 2733 - 1968
4 pages folder
format 28x20.5 cm

4,00 €

Shipping - total price

Fiat 500 L

printing Fiat n. 2734 - 1968
8 pages folder
format 29.7x21 cm

5,00 €

Shipping - total price

If you are buying also some books, the shipping of the brochures is for free.
Otherwise, don't forget to include the 3 € shipping in one of the borchures you are buying.