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Elvio Deganello
Alessandro Sannia

Carrozzeria Scioneri

ISBN 978-88-96796-20-7

Format: DIN A4 (21x29,7 cm)
128 pages
More than 210 b/w and color pictures
Italian and English text
Weight: Kg 1.30

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Carrozzeria Scioneri is a great example of the best Italian automotive art. Established during wartime, making the little jobs available by then, specialized later in the "elaborata" cars with fashion visual-tuning, that were a huge commercial success, giving to almost everybody the opportunity of buying special car, even if often just based on a cheap Fiat model. Scioneri also made commercial vehicles and sportscars, but thanks to the "elaboratas" the company went ahead until the 90s.

This book, the result of a long and deep research, tells all its history, illustrating it with a very big picture directoru that cover all its production.