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Alessandro Sannia


ISBN 978-88-96796-27-6

Format: DIN A4 (21x29,7 cm)
216 pages
More than 420 b/w and color pictures
Italian and English text
Weight: Kg 1.40

€ 39.90

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Are you interested also in the book "Dany Brawand designer" with several additional drawings and sketches of Moretti cars? The two books together are available for just 50 Euros (instead of 69.80) and without additional shipping costs.

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Moretti was a big name in Italian motoring history, his activities ranging over several fields for more than sixty years. Moretti built motorcycles and three-wheelers, then worked on electric vehicles during wartime before becoming an important car-manufacturer, the fourth biggest in Italy. Finally, he was a major coachbuilder and originator of many famous models from the Grand Turismos to the small Midimaxi off-roaders.

This book, the result of a long and deep research, tells all its history, illustrating it with a very big picture directoru that cover all its production.